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Hood Memorial AME Zion Church is fully committed to seeing the Gospel spread throughout the world. If you would like more information about our missionaries, or are seeking support as a missionary.

Parent Body president (age 41 and up) - carolyn kelly

The Women's Home and Overseas Missionary Society was not officially organized as a national organization until 1880, but there were local and regional women's organizations in the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church that antedated the present organization. According to a Bicentennial Commemorative History, 1972-1996 by Bishop J. Clinton Hoggard, the women of the A.M.E. Zion Church shared a vision of spreading the Gospel of Christianity. They used their energies and resources to support the church in this effort.

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The secretary of the buds of promise -
Age (1-12) - brenda singleton

The object of the Buds of Promise shall be to create and develop in the children of the church an interest in missions through Juvenile Christian Culture, to stimulate in the spirit of giving themselves and their possession for the good of others, to riase money for Missions through membership fees, pledges, soliciting devices, etc. The money raised by these methods is sent to the Executive Secretary through the District Superintendent of the Buds.

the youth missionary society (age 13-21) - Kally Robinson

It is the mission of the Women's Home and Overseas Missionary Society of The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church to establish Christian learning environments and experiences for all children (ages 1-12) through mission education. These experiences will enable each child to acquire knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes that are essential to her/his spiritual development as an individual and are necessary for the attainment of meaningful life.

Secretary - Maliya Singleton

the secretary of the young adult's missionary society (yams) - (age 22-40) - sabrina gibson

The object of the Young Adult's Society shall be to enlist the young people of the church and community in active missionary service, encourage the study of the missionary message of the Bible and world missions; and to develop potential leadership as it pertains to missions. A further object shall be to raise funds for evangelization in mission fields at home and abroad and take an interest in the betterment of civic and social conditions in the community.

the secretary of supply - rev. renee carter

The duty of The Secretary of Supply shall be to solicit funds and supplies for the overseas work. The articles should be packed securely express prepaid, with a letter listing all articles sent. All money collected should be sent to the Executive Secretary through the district Mass Meeting. Each local Secretary is requested to send at least $1.00 for the support of Mass Meeting, aside from money for supplies. The local Secretary of Supply shall report her transactions to the District Secretary of Supply at each Mass Meeting and shall report to her local society on demand. Report blanks may be secured from the Executive Secretary.

chairman of life members - ann mathis

The Chairman of Life Members Council must herself be a Life Member, and whose duty it shall be to organize all Life Members, Matrons, Patrons, Honorary Life Members into a local Council. Each member of the Council shall pay five dollars ($5.00) per year as annual dues, and shall become actively engaged with the local Council in devising plans or ways and means of increasing the funds. All money raised by the Life Members council shall be remitted quarterly to the Executive Secretary through the District President. This money is to be placed in reserved for the support of Student Grant in Aid and Missionary Education at Livingstone College, Clinton Junior College and Lomax-Hannon Jr. College for youth who wish to prepare for Christian Service. Each local Chairman is requested to send at least $1.00 to each Mass Meeting for the support of the Mass Meeting. As rapidly as Life Members are made in the local church they should be enlisted in the Life Members Council. Five or more Life Members may be organized into a local council.